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CLCS recognizes the importance of not only studying, but we are always prepared to have someone waiting for you when you come across a situation that requires additional help. We offer to tutor in all High School and college-ready classes. Our specialties also include AP, IB and Dual-enrollment classes. Our tutors are available to students who participate in our program 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also offer bi-lingual tutors (Spanish/English) in those same areas for 10 hours per day, seven days a week. All of our tutors specialize specifically in the subject they are tutoring with at least a Bachelor’s or higher in education.

Financial Aid Assistance

In addition to merit-based scholarships (those that are earned from academic performance), we also offer help in getting each student qualified for grants and other programs offered by the government, such as FAFSA, preliminary FAFSA, and PUB970. Each of these government-based programs offer assistance based on income and family size. These include, but are not limited to grants that are not required to be paid back, work-study programs, and also student loans, which are offered with the lowest interest rates available for qualified students. By utilizing PUB970, we can help parents save for college and show you how to get credits on your tax return as you prepare for paying for your child’s college expenses. We are here to guide you in every way possible to minimize the out-of-pocket costs required to attend the college of your choice.

Tutoring Services

Statistics | Algebra | Calculus | English

Essay Writing
College Level Essay Writing | Literature

Chemistry | Physics | Biology

Introductory Economics | Introductory Accounting | Introductory Finance

Tutoring in
• SAT • ACT • PSAT • AP Exams • SAT Subjects and TOEFL

Essay Support

Most major colleges and universities require students to submit an essay upon applying for acceptance. Many scholarships are also awarded based on the most intriguing essay entry. We offer tutoring to help with these essays. The importance of properly submitting an essay that will not only convince the reader that you are the best choice for the scholarship, but that you deserve and have earned that scholarship could make the difference in how much you are granted, or if you get any scholarship assistance at all. Every dollar that is donated towards your education is a dollar that you or your parents don’t have to spend on college. The guidance we offer will not only help you get into the college of your choice, but it can also help you earn scholarships that may otherwise be awarded to another student. Our professionals specialize in these types of essays, and we have helped students get into Columbia, NYU, and other top schools with the most grants and scholarships available to them, drastically cutting educational expenses.

Career Guidance

We want you to make sure you focus on a major as soon as possible, rather than following your latest interest. Although your interests may change from time to time, choosing a major that fits you and has a growth rate of continued success for years to come and excellent job placement opportunities are of vital importance.
We offer personality and aptitude tests to make sure you’re on the right path. Once we know your majors, we guide you in enrolling in classes that will fit what you want to major in and start working towards college credits to save you time and money. This is a critical first step we take with our students and that needs to be done now. 50%-70% of students change their major once. Most students change it up to three times causing a lot of wasted time and money. Our program is designed to ensure you will find fulfillment in the majors you choose by using the latest technology and advances that help us get to know you and your interests and abilities much earlier in life.

Only 56% of students who enter college graduate within six years. Students who are ill-prepared during high school and are required to take remedial classes upon entrance into college are far less likely to graduate with a degree. A shocking 75% of students who are required to take college remedial classes never graduate.

Test Prep

We have the best all-around program and counselors for our students and we make sure we don’t just partner with anyone offering services. We research every aspect of a potential partner and only accept alliances with partners who offer the best qualifications available. Our students have access to one of the best Test Prep companies in the country. Their success rate is immeasurably higher than most other systems offered within the United States. Our services include access to TutorMe’s self-paced prep program. We also offer help with, ACT, SAT, MCAT, PreACT, TOEFL and PSAT. Our services are remarkable and cover all aspects of college preparation and success.