“It’s not just about getting in to college, it’s about getting in to the Right college”.
Rev. Dr. Wesley C. Joyner

About CLCS

CLCS is a private educational company that focuses on students who are readying themselves for college during the middle and high school years. Our program helps them to be fully prepared for acceptance into the college of their choice by exceeding the requirements of each college that fosters their interests and provides their major while in high school. It is vital that students start preparing for college as early as 7th and 8th grades. We begin counseling services once the student enters the seventh grade so that they start high school ready to excel in the specified areas for their field of study. We help direct each student into a field and major that best suits them that will ensure they become successful in their career of choice. Our main focus is in the S.T.E.A.M. fields, which includes Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Experience You Can Trust

Our counselors have over 30 years of experience. We help each student explore all financial aid opportunities available so that they can enroll in college with little personal expense. Also, included in the program for our selected students is unlimited tutoring, test preps, and a personal scholarship from our company upon successful graduation with a GPA of 4.0 or higher.


Percentage of 2019 Students Accepted into Major Division 1 and Ivy League Schools

Our Mission

Our mission is to help middle and high school students be fully prepared for college and ease the financial burden for their families.


Margaret Dawkins

Founder of ICP-T.E.A.M.S.

NC State – B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Margaret, whom everyone knows as Meg, was a Regional Director for one of the largest college preparation companies in the US for over five years and worked for them a total of ten years combined. She has worked all over the US hosting workshops for thousands of qualified high school students. In 2018 her graduating class had a 95% placement in the top 20 schools in the US.

Meg spent ten years working in the bio-pharmaceutical area designing high purity systems for the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. After the loss of her grandmother, who was a huge influence in her life, she decided life was meant to be lived.  She decided to follow her passion, which is something she always tells her students to do.  She went back to college attending Montgomery College and University of Maryland to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Meg’s love of working with students shines through daily.  She radiates with joy around children, striving to be the biggest fan to each of them.  While working with students, Meg observes their learning styles and then determines how each of the students should be assessed.  Seeking out student strengths and designing programs to fit the needs of her students is something she takes great pride in, allowing her to focus on each student’s unique gifts and talents. She has always been able to get top results with her students in both ABA and in college preparation. Meg has spent the last 15 years in education working with students in all areas and educational levels. She has worked over the past ten years with a driven focus on high school students preparing them for college. Her students have always stayed motivated and involved.  The love that Meg shows each and every student whom she encounters is truly infectious.  Meg’s love for her family and involving them in her ICP T.E.A.M.S journey is also evident.  Meg is an extraordinary leader leading an exceptional team of professionals to have one common goal, “Do what is best for kids!”

Jerry White

Jerry M. White Jr. is a lifelong resident of Henderson NC.  He is a loving father of three and grandfather of two.  He is a graduate of Vance High School and a graduate of Gupton Jones College of Funeral Service.  Jerry is the president of J M White Funeral Home and has been since 1986.  He is a member of Henderson’s JC’s and Henderson Rotary Club.  He enjoys spending time with family and friends playing golf and attending any sporting event.  Coming from a small town like Henderson, Jerry wants every student to have a chance at a great education and know opportunities that are out there for each of them.  Jerry’s passion in education, his family and helping others any way he can are what drives him.  ICP-T.E.A.M.S is extremely blessed to have Jerry’s leadership.

Mischa Dillon

Mischa Dillon received her Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  During her college years she traveled the world with her family.  After graduating she started a family of her own and enjoyed being a stay at home mother of three children.  She loved working with children, so she volunteered in the school of her children, taught piano lessons, and served in various leadership roles in her church.  Mischa homeschooled her children through middle school.  She now enjoys spending time with her family including her two grandchildren.  She loves adventure as well.  Mischa has always been passionate about education and is keenly aware of the importance of students receiving quality college counseling services.  She is extremely excited to be part of ICP-T.E.A.M.S and what we have to offer.  Mischa is in tune with and understands the struggle and hard work of students and parents.  She is so knowledgeable with the homeschool areas.  Mischa is loved by so many.  Her sweet spirit and love for everyone is evident especially as she works with students and families.  Her experience is so valuable, as she has instructed and been a part of so many groups, clubs, and youth groups.  Mischa is driven to help and she is a natural leaders.  ICP-T.E.A.M.S is so proud to have Mischa, a true leader, on our team.

Rev. Dr. Wesley C. Joyner

“It’s not about just getting into college, it’s about getting into the right college.“

Wes, as he is known, has a deep passion for and has spent most of his career helping young people succeed. Wes believes it is vital that students start readying themselves for a rewarding career in a trade or college from an early age, so they can accomplish their goals and dreams, not to mention it would make the process much easier as he believes. Many of the families worked with mention to Wes that they wish they would have had a program like this in their youth to help them prepare for college, and if they had, they would have done things much differently. A good education can lead to so many new opportunities in life. Wes truly loves working with students and families, helping them meet their goals. Wes has a wonderful educational trail.  He received his doctorate in religious humanities, also having a degree in church law and parliamentary procedure.  He has also lovingly served 32 Years in Christian Ministry and over ten years as a college planning counselor continuing his journey working with many people and lifting up our youth.  Working six years as a national educational director for College Life Coaching Services Inc. allowed Wes to put forth his driven focus on the education of high school students.  Wes studied business management at Stanford University only to continue excelling his own education, which is his foundational belief.  Being a lifelong learner starts in our youth and continues as the education is supported, guided, and encouraged, which is what Wes loves to do.  His B.A. in business management at LaSalle Extension University started his journey of continued education after high school and has fostered his love of education and people ever since. Wes is a US Army Veteran, a member of H.I.F.E., Heartland Institute of Financial Education, and has his certification in College Planning and Coaching.  Wes is a wonderful coach and leader, always leading by example.  He is driven by hard work, which is a valuable tool he teaches all of his students and those outstanding leaders he treasurers working with daily, while doing it all for the kids.

Erin Crede

Erin is a retired Air Force officer with a PhD in engineering. She has been tutoring or teaching all levels of math and test preparation for more than 12 years. I have considerable one-on-one experience in an online environment.

Erin has taught everything from middle school math to calculus and then reading/writing for all variations of school test prep (SAT/ACT/ISEE/SSAT/HSPT) as well as the military exams (ASVAB/AFOQT) at all levels. As an 18 year AF veteran, Erin has worked with more than 150 ASVAB students and 20+ AFOQT students. Erin is a scholar with her personal scores being in the 99th percentile. She has mentored  students into great colleges with essay writing and other test preparation. She specializes in mastering the college and professional interview as well and this is such an asset to our students and families.

Finally she has worked with students who have ADHD, dyslexia and dyscalculia. She is extremely  familiar with learning needs and has spent time on time management, test taking skills, and organizational skills.

Erin is so motivated and excited to work with our ICP-T.E.A.M.S families and look forward to achieving their educational goals!

Teresa Fitzsimmons

Teresa Fitzsimmons has had over 35 years of background and experience as a leader on the high school side of college admissions. She holds current certifications as a School and community college Counselor in four states and a certificate from the Harvard Summer Institute for College Admissions. Teresa has addressed the needs of students from diverse geographical and educational environments in both private and public school settings, including those with strengths in STEM, fine arts and athletics.  She has a special appreciation of the variety of developmental stages and is inclusive of and sensitive to the challenges faced from aligning the goals of faculty, administration, students and parents as they define together personal, academic and career success.

Teresa specializes in navigating this ever complicated college admissions process to include researching appropriate financial resource information. She has availed herself of dozens of college counselor fly-ins coast to coast and overseas, ever strengthening her communication and network skills with college admissions offices. In the past, Teresa has organized and implemented student application and essay writing “Boot Camps”and major/career exploration workshops. Her basic philosophy is holistically helping guide students as they fill their “CUP” in high school in preparation for the college years:  be committed, be unique, be passionate.  Finally, Teresa finds every opportunity to build, market and promote each student’s individual narrative through a thorough four year plan and relational process . She is a member of NACAC, IECA and active on college admissions and independent college counselor social media venues. Terri is also a member of IACS (International Accreditation of Counseling Students).

Gerene Keesler

Gerene is a Tampa native with over 25 years of work experience in higher education and undergraduate and graduate admissions offices. As an independent college counselor, she has conducted hundreds of mock interviews and has extensive experience editing essays, searching for scholarships, and working with students in college and graduate planning. She is also a member of NACAC (National Accredited College Admissions Counselor), SACAC (Southern Association for College Admissions Counseling), CHAP (Community Health Accreditation Partner, and IECA (Independent Educational Consultant Association), and IACS (International Accreditation of Counseling Students).

Gerene is fluent in international relations, TOEFL, working with top colleges and Ivy league schools in the country. She has over 15 years experience in the international side working with international schools, colleges, recruiting international students to come to the US to study abroad.  In her spare time, she is an avid reader who participates in two local book clubs and raising her toy poodle, Rosie Roux.

Esther Stroy Harper

Howard University: BA – Communication Management 

Esther has been in the college preparation and high school prep for 30 years. She has both strong collegiate and high school experience in the college planning field. She has been a recruiter for some of the top and Ivy League schools across the country. Her passion is working with students and helping them to achieve their dreams. She knows that every student has a gift, and she does whatever it takes to help them find it and realize they can make it happen. She knows what dedication and determination can bring to them when they set their mind to it and have the dedication.

She is very goal-driven and wants to watch her students thrive. Esther was the youngest member of the US Olympics Team in track and field. She has competed in competitive sports her whole life. To this day, she still helps manage the USA Track and Field East Team. She has conducted college workshops all over the US and internationally for the last 10 years.

She was a college recruiter for some of the top colleges including Stanford where she was also a coach. Coaching and giving back has always been in her blood. She has spent her whole life giving back to others and helping students pursue their dreams. Esther is one that believes you get what you give.  Never be afraid of hard work. She has a laugh that makes everyone light up. When at workshops with ICP-TEAMS Esther is still out doing some of the younger staff in the gym. Her commitment never stops.  She shows that same commitment to our students.

Liza Mason Flue

Liza is currently an independent college counselor in my community/sub at St. Francis High School, Mountain View, CA Spring 2019.  She is certified in College Counseling from UCLA.  Liza’s background includes being a Director of College Counseling (22 years), a Coordinator Medical Schools Admissions – Northwestern Medical School (2 Years), and an Associate Director of Financial Aid (6 Years) Elmhurst College.  She was also an Admissions Reader – UCLA  (2 Years).  Liza served on the Regional Board of the College Board and is a Member of LAAISCC, WACAC, NACAC and the College Board.  Liza’s professional life led her to work in on both the West Coast and Midwest and travel throughout the United States giving her a broad range of knowledge selective colleges, admissions, financial aid and scholarship opportunities.   As Director of College Counseling Liza set up College Counseling Programs at three different schools – from production College Counseling handbooks, training counselors, to writing thousands of individual letters of recommendation, advising with thousands of students and their families (both domestic and foreign),  reviewing college applications, essays and financial aid forms.  Liza has such passion for education and she built relationships with admissions and financial aid professionals.  Liza lives in Palm Desert, CA.  Her own children attended: Undergraduate, UCLA, UC Davis, DePaul University and the University of Alabama-Graduate Schools, and Loyola University School of Law and American University School of Political Communications.  Liza is an ICP-T.E.A.M.S asset and her passion for education and students is one of a kind.  Liza believes to know it and show it. She wants students to stand out. To be noticed and to help them realize their greatness and to be proud of who they are.  She is a avid traveler and learning is something she will never stop doing.

Karen Godbey-Fleck

Karen is Director of Education and Training, as well as a Regional Director. Not only does she head up a team that covers parts of Florida, but also Tennessee and Kentucky as well. She is responsible for her own team, as well as the training for the whole group. She is a former teacher, so this is right in her wheelhouse.

Karen’s educational background comes from the Kentuckiana area. Karen has a BS and MAT from the University of Louisville. Her Rank I is in Educational Leadership from Indiana University Southeast. She has spent most of her life living in the Louisville, KY area, but has since followed the sunshine to Florida.

Karen is a former women’s semi-professional baseball player. It was exactly like the movie. “A League of Their Own”. All of the teams that she had played for were out of Michigan. She played for the Lansing Stars, Metro Detroit Renegades and the Detroit Danger. She was able to travel in tournaments throughout the U.S. and Canada. She even autographed a baseball that is in the Stan Musial Museum in Michigan. She was coached by Wade Boggs and Barbaro Garby from the Detroit Tigers. She played on professional baseball fields and had a large indoor practice facility. Her experience was once-in-a-lifetime.

Karen was an educator for 13 years. She had been a teacher, coach, Athletic Director, Vice Principal and acting principal. She was also a Director of Education for Sylvan Learning Center. Teaching and Learning is something she will always do.  Her love for students and their education, as well as their educational future are all what drives her to help them be successful in their journeys. 

Karen loves horse racing, dogs, tiny homes, baseball and travel. She is a complex individual, but compassionate and a team player. She loves her teammates for sure!

Xochitl Boutte

Xochitl Boutte has over 30 years in the field of Education, Training, Workshops, and as an Education College Consultant. Her journey began as a parent advocate.  Xochitl pursued a second Master in Education, Curriculum, and Instructions from SUNY Potsdam, New York. She worked in all facets of Education. From being an Interpreter, fluent in Spanish, taught K-12, to working with Bilingual students with Special needs who have a 504 plan. In 2005 Xochitl began her partnership with private, public, boarding schools and homeschooling parents.  She bridged-the-GAP Title I schools in DeKalb County, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, by creating the first non-native English-speaking PTA Title I schools.  She has taught and worked as a Consultant in New York, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.

Xochitl has been a Guest Speaker and the National Association of Parents and Teachers, and the National Education of Teachers.  She was featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mundo Hispanico, & La Prensa Newspaper, to name a few.  In 2013 Xochitl  branched abroad to Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.  She established and founded Education & Finance Consulting XB®, LLC, registered in Tampa, Florida. In April 2020, Xochitl partnered with College Life Coaching Services and ICP-T.E.A.M.S. becoming a Regional and Marketing Director.  Xochitl is married to a US Retired Military Veteran and she is a valuable educator on our amazing team.

Scott Martin

Scott Martin is a global educator with over 20 years of professional experience. He has a Master’s degree in Education and has served as guidance counselor and secondary principal at an international college prep school in Indonesia. Scott grew up in Kenya as the son of global educators. That passion has lead him to serve with distinction at a top tier university, where he held the position of International Student Services Director for 10 years. This role put him in a central position to understand and navigate the enrollment process and student transition. While at the university Scott was twice recognized as the Employee-of-the-Year, and was listed among Who’s Who in education and international business leaders. In 2004, Scott received the Distinguished Educator-of-the-Year Award.

Additionally, Scott has served as President of Global Student Solutions since 2009. He has served hundreds of students from over 50 countries transition from secondary school to university. Scott is a national speaker and the author of a couple of helpful books. His most recent work, “Solo Flight’ is a compilation of the best advice for university students to thrive in school and life.

Scott serves as a Regional Director of, as well as works directly with Dr. Joyner on organizational operations. Scott uses his unique strengths in strategic thinking and adaptability to help as many families and schools as possible.

When Scott is not coaching a student, family or teammates, you will likely find him on a disc golf course where he and his wife enjoy the outdoors, as well as a little friendly competition. He may also be at a local “watering hole”, sipping a cold diet coke and playing cards with his wife and/or son.

Junio Abraham

As a Regional Director, Junio Abraham is a leader who is both passionate and a committed professional. Having worked in the financial Industry for the last twenty-seven-years for such firms as JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, Junio has always embraced the value of an educational learning experience. Whether as a Mentor or Coach, his goal has always been to help others aspire to their dreams and greatness through learning. Through educational counseling, Junio’s passion and devotion to learning will help students and families in customizing a solid plan to meet their college needs.

Junio’s educational background include degrees from Palm Beach State College, New Jersey City University and Berklee College of Music where he received the honors of Magna Cum Lade.  Junio currently holds a board position as a Board of Trustee at We Academy Performing Arts school and is the Creator Director of the Spotify weekly Podcast “#LiveLifeBHappy24/7” with audiences all throughout the globe.

Mounika Bodapati

Mounika Bodapati is a senior at Columbia University majoring in Computer Science. She graduated from John Randolph Tucker High School as the Valedictorian of her class and went on to Columbia as an Egleston Scholar. She joined the Lion Credit Union Initiative (LCUI) in the spring of her freshman year at Columbia. LCUI is a student initiative working to start a credit union for Columbia University. Mounika served as Chief Operating Officer for a year and now serves at the Chief Technology Officer for the initiative, which has partnered with a parent credit union and plans to open in 2017. Mounika interned at The Boeing Company, Amazon Web Services and Amazon Alexa during her summers in school.  Mounika is one our first students we had at ICP-T.E.A.M.S.  She now works with us!  She loves working side by side with the students.  She also enjoys getting them started in our program, while sharing her experiences with them to motivate them.  We are very proud to have Mounika on our team. She was one of our very first students and loves directing and helping students to navigate when needed and to inspire them that it is possible.

Terri Carmody

Terri Carmody is a Regional Director. She and her team cover the West Coast of Florida, parts of New Jersey, Idaho, Montana, Massachusetts, and Maine. With over 25 years of sales and marketing experience in the hospitality industry, Terri’s work with Hilton, Sheraton and Marriott greatly enhance our sales efforts. Her commitment to sales excellence earned her the Golden Key Award from the Hillsborough Chapter of the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International.

As Senior High Youth Leader at her church, Terri has mentored and motivated youth for over 25 years. Her passion for serving youth grew into a personal mission; “to equip and empower youth to navigate the present, so they can realize a bright future.” Life coaching skills honed by youth ministry were put to the test when her twins started college preparations. Guiding her children through the myriad of life changing decisions surrounding this process was daunting. Fortunately, both were accepted to their preferred colleges with financial assistance and scholarships.

She is committed to sharing the knowledge gained from this experience to help families successfully navigate the college process with minimal effort.

Terri holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing from the University of Florida. She enjoys serving her community as one of the Community Relations Specialists for Operation PAR; an organization dedicated to bringing hope to families who have a child struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. A soon-to-be empty nester, she has grand plans to learn yoga, get a dog, and travel with her husband.

Regina Cornelio

Regina Cornelio is a highly accomplished professional with a M.S.Ed. in education.  She also has worked in non-profit and financial settings. She has over twenty years of work experience in education.  Regina has over ten years of experience in teaching and coaching individuals and groups of diverse backgrounds for college preparation, applications, essay writing, and one on one tutoring, executive functioning skills such as test prep and organizational skills. She also worked for years with children and adults with autism and studied Applied Behavioral Analysis. For two years, she was the clinical director of a large non-profit organization in NY, where she managed the behavioral staff at seven different locations. Regina is passionate about working with students and recognizes the different learning styles that they have. She has tutored in ESL, helped with writing and interview skills with students all over the US and international. She always strives to be creative and fun with her teaching techniques to produce the best possible outcome for her students. Her strengths are helping students in writing, speaking, and the college entrance interviews. Her passion has always been in education and helping others.  She is a wonderful educator and leader among an exceptional team.

Theresa Faulkner

Theresa earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with minors in Sociology and English from North Carolina State University. After school, she worked at a non-profit, did a stint as a restaurant manager, and eventually went into sales. She is passionate about educating the old and young, as she believes you should always be learning. She is so passionate to help others and students to achieve their dreams and goals. Theresa says that it feels so good to do something you’re passionate about doing and she wants others to know that same joy and know that it is never too late.

Theresa has her private pilot’s license and loves gardening, reading, and beekeeping. She lives in Graham, North Carolina with her husband, cats, and 19-year-old son, who attends a local university.

Robert Liggins

Robert Liggins graduated from Lambuth University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business and sports management. He was a student athlete on a full scholarship. He takes great pride in helping students attend college and reach their full potential. 

Robert specializes in IT recruitment, application development, infrastructure, cyber security, business analysis, and program management verticals among others. He is the owner of his own Strategic Staffing Company. He knows the importance and growth of the STEAM fields and looks forward to helping guide students to get to a career they love.  Encouragement and coaching students to reach their full potential are true gifts of Robert.  He always has the best interest of each student at heart, guiding them in the directions needed to succeed.  Robert is an exceptional motivational leader who is driven to do what it takes for all of our students. She has lead and conducted thousands of basketball camps. Helping students on every level to reach their goals. NCAA publishers clearing  house and wanting them to start the process early on getting to know their colleges and the colleges learning about them. He takes great pride in watching them advance in their basketball skills and academics. They keep him as young…..or so he says.

Trina A. Norman

Trina Norman discovered her passion for teaching while in Annapolis, MD. as she carried out her duties on recruiting duty in the navy. When she transferred to NRD Jacksonville she volunteered her time with the ROTC department at University of Florida, Gainesville FL., she was the Officer Recruiter in Charge of Central Florida. Trina not only would volunteer her time with the ROTC she also was the Recruiter in Charge of the Nuclear Poulson Program sponsored by University of Florida. She also worked very closely with other high schools in the area to build Navy awareness and act as a mentor to high school students.  Trina retired in 2015 and became a substitute teacher for White Oaks Middle School, Columbia County Florida. She wanted to increase her knowledge of teaching.  Trina was a substitute teacher and would volunteer at White Oaks Middle School and other schools in the area as well.  She moved to Orlando to become a teacher.  Trina received her Bachelor of Science from Trident University.  She then completed her Master of Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. After completing her MBA, she applied for her temporary certification with the state of Florida in BUS 6-12 and is now enrolled in classes to complete the certification to be a state certified teacher in the state of Florida. Currently Trina has taken on a position with Western Governors University as a mentor in the Undergrad Human Resource Program, allowing her to continue her gift of working with people. She is dedicated in her role to encourage and mentor students through encouraging good study habits, critique course work and ensuring deadlines are made. Trina’s role as a mentor to is keep students on task in their degree plan to ensure their success in completing their degree goal. She also works with international students in preparation for attending Western and their transitions. Trina is very passionate about education and working in different cultures and backgrounds. Trina is a retired Navy Veteran that served from 1988-2015 on active duty. She served on the USS Mt. Baker AE-34, USS Frank Cable AS-32, Naval Station Charleston, Naval Station Norfolk, Navy Recruiting Command North East, Navy Recruiting District Philadelphia, Navy Recruiting District Richmond and Navy Recruiting District Jacksonville. While serving on active duty she taught Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp, (JROTC) at Annapolis High School, Annapolis, MD. and took on instructor duty at Annapolis Naval Academy Annapolis, MD. volunteer teaching celestial navigation to mid-shipman.  This amazing career has paved the way for her to continue to educate our youth, which is a continued passion. 

Kelly Gabriel

Kelly has been working for herself doing instructional design and training for over ten years now. Previously, she worked in education as a teacher.  Kelly later worked to train teachers on how to integrate technology into instruction. She has a Bachelors in Business Administration and Management and an Masters in Education. Her passion is helping students realize their educational dreams.  She has the amazing ability to steer students in the direction that best suites each of them, all while celebrating accomplishments.  She is wonderful with encouraging our students along their educational journeys. She is a great team player, never backs down from a challenge and is always there to assist where needed. She likes process and procedures and makes sure we run a tight ship.

Kathleen D. Meyer

As an Executive Administrative Director, Kathleen works directly with the National Education Director, as well as, all of our Regional Directors working in all aspects of our company.  Starting her career in banking many years ago Kathleen went on to working in accounting and finance with a large aerospace corporation for many years then moving to a small non-profit. Then she started working for a Technical College with the District School Board of Pasco County Florida as a bookkeeper where she recently retired. Retirement didn’t last long.  Kathleen learned the value of what our company can do to help families with the college process. She has spoken to so many parents with children in middle and high school and have absolutely no clue where to even begin to get their students to college. What she has found the most interesting is the fact that students are encouraged in so many cases to attend the college that their parents attended or to attend a local community college instead of going to THEIR DREAM COLLEGE which would be the right and best fit for that student.  Our entire staff has a passion for helping students not only get to college but get to the right college. It is so rewarding to know that our services can help those students who truly want to go to college and will work hard to achieve their goals. Knowing that the students can get ‘live’ tutoring 24 hours a day, assistance preparing for their various tests for college, essay assistance, financial aid and scholarship assistance, etc. all on line at their personal portal, which helps to relieve the stress for them. Seeing these students excel is what it’s all about! Outside of working again, Kathleen is still learning how to ‘retire’.  She has three wonderful daughters. Two daughters are grown with families of their own and both live in Houston, TX. Her family has been blessed her with three grandsons and one granddaughter. Her youngest daughter is a junior in college.  Kathleen is a wonderful asset to our team.

"It Takes a Community"

I’m sure you’ve heard the statement that it takes a community to raise a child. We, at CLCS, like to consider ourselves as being the community your child needs to excel in school and college. We place top priority on offering our students the necessary tools and guidance needed for them to receive a proper and well-rounded education. As a parent, your support in helping them reach their full potential is vital in leading them to succeed in life. Upon enrolling your child into our program, we consider you family, and we will not only help your child succeed, but we will be here to help you support them in any service we offer as well.

Why a S.T.E.A.M. college planning company, like CLCS?

Focusing on your area of desired majors should begin as early as possible. By beginning your focus before entrance into high school, you will be more prepared and less stressed when it comes time to apply for your college of choice. We will help you enroll in the proper classes early on so you won’t be forced to cram extra classes into your already busy schedule. Another important factor in planning for college is using your high school years productively, and not wasting precious class time on courses you don’t need for your course of study. We will be here every step of the way to ensure you make the proper educational choice, and we are available if you need tutoring in any of the STEAM classes. So much has changed from previous generations to students in today’s generation, and this will only progress into future generations as well.

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